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Travelling from London to Phuket, Thailand

Follow your heart or another trip to Asia!

Hello everyone,

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Every time New Year brings something new into my life. It’s been for at least one year I wanted to walk the Camino de Santiago (French route), I did some research on, planned when I’d leave, booked the ticket (I had the backpack from India travel already & shoes for trekking), ended my stuff in London ……… Aaaand gone to Thailand! I had two tickets with one day difference between them and my heart was calling to Asia again.

Phuket, Thailand

It’s my third time in Phuket & it’s absolutely different experience. I came to know more about Muay Thai (Thai boxing) and Ashtanga Yoga, visit less touristic places and discover some spiritual spots with like-minded people. I knew it’s been tough two years of hard work back in London and felt I should re-connect with myself — to feel my body again, to acknowledge my thoughts & actions, to become aware of myself and feel united with higher self. I missed that feeling, missed so much in London. When you are open, genuine, true to yourself and the others, fearless and determined to the path you aware of and willing to step on, walk on it.

It’s easy to lose, difficult to come again on it. However, it’s a part of learning process. We experience ups and downs, there is continues change of reality, feeling, action. I want to believe that somewhere deep inside we know the answer and have inner (will)power to overcome whatever & learn out of it in order to apply in life and make it even more beautiful.

Phuket is a province of Thailand, the largest Thai island located off the west coast in the Andaman sea. Usually it’s one of the most popular touristic destination due to beautiful beaches, variety of excursions, hotels, activities & convenient flight connection (the island has its own international airport). Phuket is very suitable for family holidays (Nai Harn beach, Kata beach, Naithon beach areas). I’d recommend to look at fitness holidays in Chalong, Phuket — a number of Thai boxing schools is impressive — whole environment makes it possible to improve your body-mind state in a short period of time.

On Yoga in Phuket. For some reason, hot yoga is popular all around. I am questioning «why?!» Isn’t it hot enough in Thailand already? Who knows….these trends. I decided to be open to whatever comes and went for a class this morning. Not only it was «hot» yoga,  but also POWER! I nearly ended there literally. My heart was beating so quickly even though movements were not dynamic, mind was distracted due to uncomfortable condition, forget it was slippery using the mat and I run out of energy in 20 minutes. No, Thank you — my answer to Hot yoga (personal opinion, you are welcome to go for it if it feels right to you).

Chalong, Phuket

Where to stay in Phuket? Well, it depends on your goal. We’re staying in Chalong, where all the attractions are as well as big roads and huge number of accommodation offers, 15-20 mins to Nai Harn beach and number of thai boxing schools and yoga studios. Spot on.

As I said before, for family holidays it’s better to go to Nai Harn or Naithon (close to the airport & water park). For night life in Phuket — Patong Beach (not my choice), similar to Pattaya, people come there for cheap alcohol & sex (not all of them of coz, but it’s high demand/offer on the ‘market’).

Thai Massage

The first thing I do in Asia is choosing a massage centre! Because it’s the way alongside with practice to yourself. Pain spots show you where are the blockages and it helps to get rid of them easier on all levels. If to forget about «energy blah blah», it’s still very beneficial for human body and highly recommended by traditional & alternative medicine. Not everyone feel comfortable having Thai massage because it might be tough, then choose oil massage, it’s very relaxing and still can be pretty deep. There are hundreds of massage centres in Phuket, so choose according to your own feeling — usually I try it with different masters and choose the one fits me and next time ask that person to make it for me.

Massage in Thailand is incredibly cheap compare to Europe. It starts in Phuket from 200 Batt (4 GBP) and goes up to 800+. In London It costs 40-50£ an hour. So, when u come to Thailand — go for it!

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