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Hatha Yoga in Hatch End (Beginners, Intermediate)

Hello everybody, I’ve got some great news!

It’s been a wonderful summer so far and we had lots of chances to practice yoga in London. I enjoy so much to practice outdoors, however Autumn is near & it’s time to plan what you are going to be up to so that you feel energised, calm, happy, sunny, joyful.

Starting from September, 9th, I’m going to teach two yoga classes per week — on Tuesdays and Fridays, as usual at Harrow Arts Centre (Hatch End, NW London).

On Tuesday, it’s a practice for those who tried yoga before, want to work out, not afraid of challenges, ready to go deeper into practice and interested in pranayamas, meditation, mantras & sound therapy. Intermediate class, 7.45 — 8.45pm, 1 hour class. 

On Friday, we practice to get rid of stress, relax, stretch, take it easy, calm down the mind, prepare for weekend. Sure, we also train a body a bit, however in a slightly different way. Beginners class, 7.30 — 8.45pm, 1 hour 15 mins class.

Yoga in Hatch End. FIRST CLASS is FREE of charge. Just give me a shout — call, text, email, FB, comment. We have only 3-4 places left on Friday class, Tuesday is less busy.

Contact: o77-153-196-16 Svet

Email: smile (dot) [email protected]

Best, Svetlana

p.s. you are stronger than you think… 😉

See you soon,