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Yoga in Hatch End (First class for Free)

Hi everyone,

we are back on the mats again! Let’s make this year special and achieve our goals in yoga. Let’s become a bit calmer, much stronger, super relaxed and take a control of our life and live a dream) On Tuesday we’d concentrate more on pranayamas, meditation, bandhas and I’ll introduce some philosophical topics which are very applicable to life. Asanas will be taught as well, no worries. So, Harrow Arts centre, Tuesday 7.45-8.45pm — Hatha Yoga class for Experienced (those who has practice yoga).

Fridays classes are as usual for beginners! Everyone is welcome to join — mixed ability hands-on practice to de-stress, calm, improve breathing habits, improve sleeping patterns, relax body muscles and smooth into weekend vibes. Pub Vs Yoga when yoga wins, check it out! be a part of an amazing group. 7.30 — 8.45pm. Usually taught in Roxeth Room, Harrow Arts centre.

Yoga is to (benefits):

— improve coordination
— improve attention spans
— get easy approach to everyday life
— develop good habits

— tone muscles
— get a better balance
— better posture
— strengthen joints, bones
— improve flexibility
— improve range of movements

Major positive effect on your general health through activation and working on all the systems — cardio, respiratory, circulatory & nervous systems etc.

Join us in September and get your trial yoga class for FREE. Hatch End, Pinner area.

10£ to drop-in OR 40£ for 5 classes (saving 10£).

Contact me now to book your FREE class in September o771531961six.

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