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Summer Yoga in London

Seems like summer time is not something that comes often to «the capital of Great Britain». Well, yes, I’ve lived here for 5 years and now I also talk about the weather when not sure where to start from.

Hello! Thank you for following & reading my blog.

It’s been a while again since my previous post.

I’d like to write about yoga in summer, why it is such a special time that we have to use to improve ourselves. You may say — no need to improve. It’s not even about that, it’s more of a choice of becoming fully aware of your summer, how you feel, what colours you see around, what type of birds sing in the morning…

By having time for yourself, giving attention to your mind, body & soul all your sense become clearer & you perceive the world differently, in a more beautiful way. Your body feels fit, flexible & strong.  It feels alive. Your airways clean-up & you feel the air coming up and down, your recognise odours. Your head stops spinning around, having a quiet moment, maybe more than one.

I love summer yoga because outdoor classes let us feel united with the nature. All our senses are activated and we learn to withdraw it when we wish to do so. We become more focused, less tensed, more subtle, lighter.

Don’t believe, it sounds like a magic?

Give it a try! It’s never about believing in yoga. It’s believing in yourself yet being detached from boundaries. It is a practice that can be considered physical — that what you learn on the mat, doing Hatha Yoga. The following — the union — it’s your own life outside of the class. Your path to your own harmony. Yoga is just a tool, not a belief or religion. It doesn’t ask you to be anything except true self.


Just be.


In and out. In and out.


Hatha Yoga classes in Hatch End, Pinner, London start on 24 of June @7-8.15pm every Friday. Find more information on my Facebook page Svet Yoga London.  Summer Yoga in London with Svet.