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Yoga Retreat at family farm in India — Welcome to join!

Hi guys, hope you are well!

Let’s talk about things that really make us feel fulfilled & happy. What are they? I thought I should run after career and achieve more in order to satisfy my ambitious mind. I was trying and searching, losing and finding, going for and hesitating — all that is memorable & well-appreciated experience that helps in the future to make right steps forward, however the moment of happiness is short and limited in these cases. A new goal will come. Years later I only realised one can be truly happy when the inner child is free and joyful.  When I learnt to enjoy the path itself it became playful, more opportunities appeared, more energy felt in the being.

My slogan is — Dream and let go, set the goal but stay detached free. Breathe.

So much in this word Breathe. I remember using it in my writings for years. It has developed, grown up. ‘Breathe’ is now connected not only to stress level as it used to be, but to the harmony…when we exhale we return to balanced state. When we aware about breathing we know ourselves, we are in touch with the inner self and higher one. We are not ruled when we breathe consciously & mindfully, we make own choices and we sync with the nature.

Things that make happy and give a boost of energy…are:

  1. Spend time in the nature
  2. Practice mindfulness
  3. Swim in the sea, travel
  4. Hugs, honesty, expression of real self
  5. Spend time with dear ones
  6. Tell the truth
  7. Take care of my body
  8. Be with like-minded people and exchange support
  9. Ideas — come up with, share ideas, make them real
  10. Play with dogs
  11. Dance all night long

and so on.

Why am I talking about this?

Because I want to share with you some existing news — I’m going back to Himalayas November this year. Not alone as I used to do, but together with an amazing team of people that also have same interests and the dream. We decided to make it happen and run a yoga retreat in Himalayas.

About Svet Yoga Retreat


I invite you to join the Himalayan Orchard Yoga retreat in November 13-19th 2017. 

It’s one-week yoga retreat for beginners and intermediate practitioners, holiday-like organic (food & lifestyle-wise) event to connect with inner self, meet new cool people from different countries and be surrounded by pure nature at remote family-run farm in Himalayas, Rukhla.

More details on FB dedicated page HERE 

EARLY BIRD FEE available by 31st of July, register your interest — let me know via PM or write comments or email me.

To secure early bird Fee (450£) you will just need to transfer 250£ by the end of the month and pay the rest one month before the retreat. That will include yoga course (daily yoga classes, workshops, eve meditation, pranayamas) + accommodation + food + transfer from Chandigarh to the farm, hikes in Himalayas.

“Through a daily practice of yoga, pranayama, and meditation, this one-week yoga retreat aims to re-calibrate your energies, and tune you into your bodies to bring a lasting calm and balance.”

Activities: Hatha / Ashtanga / Vinyasa yoga, Hiking, Nutrition workshops, Anatomy Workshops, Yoga philosophy talks, Daily meditation practice, Pranayamas;

Why: to share knowledge and practice of ancient Indian tradition smoothly adapted to the needs of modern life. To enjoy and connect in the sacred place of the Himalayas. To recharge own batteries, let go and befriend new like-minded people; learn more about nutrition, anatomy, yoga philosophy and practice and how to apply it to real life;

P.s. More about my trips to India you will find in my blog, click here.

Wish you all the best,